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OEM Auto Shock Absorbers

Upgrade your ride with OEM Shock Absorbers, exceeding OE specs for precision performance. Engineered for optimal handling and stability, these auto shock absorbers deliver consistent, reliable performance, extending your vehicle's lifespan. The auto parts products are suitable for various vehicles, including passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs, OEM Shock Absorbers from Shindary enhance driving dynamics, provide comfort on any terrain, and contribute to extended maintenance intervals.

Front Shock Absorber, R 4013048200 for GEELY
Rear Shock Absorber 2915100-P03 for GREAT WALL WINGLE 6
Rear Shock Absorber Unit T11-2915010AC for CHERY TIGGO 2
Rear Shock Absorber, L J69-2915010L for CHERY TIGGO 2
Front Shock Absorber, L 1014028648 for GEELY GX3
Front Shock Absorber, R 1014028649 for GEELY GX3
Rear Shock Absorber 1014028653 for GEELY GX3
Rear Shock Absorber, L SA3HA-2915100 for BYD SONG
Rear Shock Absorber, R SA3HA-2915200 for BYD SONG
Front Shock Absorber, L 13505643-00 for BYD SeaGull
Front Shock Absorber, R 13505757-00 for BYD SeaGull
Front Shock Absorber, R BYDF3-2905210 for BYD
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