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Shindary is the supplier for full solution plans of auto spare parts with professional service and reasonable price to all of our clients. Competitive Auto Parts include Radiator, Stabillizer Connecting RodControl ArmSwing ArmShock AbsorberBrake DrumBrake Disc, Clutch kit, etc.

Auto parts products advantages

◆ high quality, original material

◆ technical excellence, stable and durable, long service life

◆ No deformation, strong corrosion resistance

◆ 25 to 45 days to complete delivery

◆ warranty 1 year / 30000 km

◆ provide customized services, 30 sets of minimum

Brake Drum 3502311-BB010-A000000 for SHINERAY X30L
Brake Drum 3502011-J01 for CHANGAN
Brake Drum 23632444 for CHEVROLET N400
Brake Drum 3502011-T01-AA for CHANGAN Honor
Drum Front Brake 3501007D600 for JAC
Brake Drum C00134702 for MAXUS C100 SENCILLO
Drum Front Brake N600160307 for MAXUS C100 SENCILLO
Drum Rear Brake 3502011-01 for CHANA
Front Fender R 3502030U8050 for JAC J2
Brake Disc 3501110-BA010-A000000 for SHINERAY X30
Front Brake Disc F01-3001075 for CHERY JETOUR X70
Front Brake Disc 3501101-AW03 for CHANGAN CS55 PLUS
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