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Shindary is the supplier for full solution plans of auto spare parts with professional service and reasonable price to all of our clients. Competitive Auto Parts include Radiator, Stabillizer Connecting RodControl ArmSwing ArmShock AbsorberBrake DrumBrake Disc, Clutch kit, etc.

Auto parts products advantages

◆ high quality, original material

◆ technical excellence, stable and durable, long service life

◆ No deformation, strong corrosion resistance

◆ 25 to 45 days to complete delivery

◆ warranty 1 year / 30000 km

◆ provide customized services, 30 sets of minimum

Brake Disc 3501101-KH01 for DFSK DFSK
Brake Disc XF11E02WX for FOTON MIDI
Brake Disc U1300010001A for FOTON
Brake Disc PC2010580801 for CHANGAN
Brake Disc 517121R000 for HYUNDAI ACCENT
Brake Disc 435120K150 for TOYOTA HILUX
Brake Disc 26689698 for CHEVROLET Onix Plus
Brake Disc K06-7MH3001075 for KARRY
Brake Disc 90905239 for CHEVROLET
Brake Disc 51712-C1000 for HYUNDAI
Brake Disc 51712-3K160 for HYUNDAI
Brake Disc 40206-3SG0A for NISSAN
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