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Kit Embrague 97262961 for YUEJIN INCAPOWER
  • Kit Embrague 97262961 for YUEJIN INCAPOWER
  • Kit Embrague 97262961 for YUEJIN INCAPOWER

Kit Embrague 97262961 for YUEJIN INCAPOWER


Product Description



Part No:97262961

Description:Kit Embrague

Product brand:OSTECH

Origin:Chongqing, China

Category: Friction clutch

Material: Burn resistance and wear resistance

Friction coefficient:0.38-0.45

Working nature:Operated clutch

Transmission type: MT transmission

Delivery time: 15-20 days

Quality assurance: one year, 30,000 kilometers

Processing customized:Customized Services, 20 sets minimum order

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