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What is the Role of the Clutch?

Oct. 12, 2020

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Ensure a smooth start of the car

This is the primary function of the clutch. Before the car starts, it is natural to start the engine first. When a car starts, it gradually accelerates from a completely stationary state. If the drive train (which links the entire car) is rigidly connected to the engine, as soon as the transmission is put into gear, the car will suddenly rush forward, but it will not start. This is because the car has a great inertia when it goes from a standstill to a forward stroke, which causes a great drag torque on the engine. Under the action of this inertial resistance moment, the engine speed drops sharply below the lowest stable speed in an instant, the engine stops and cannot work, and of course the car cannot start.  Therefore, we need the help of the clutch. After the engine is started and before the car starts, the driver first steps on the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch to disengage the engine and the driveline, then put the transmission in gear, and then gradually release the clutch pedal to gradually engage the clutch. In the process of engagement, the resistance torque received by the engine gradually increases, so the accelerator pedal should be stepped down gradually at the same time, that is, gradually increase the fuel supply to the engine, so that the engine speed is always maintained at the lowest stable speed without stalling. At the same time, as the degree of engagement of the clutch gradually increases, the torque transmitted from the engine to the driving wheels through the driveline gradually increases. When the traction force is sufficient to overcome the starting resistance, the car starts to move from a standstill and gradually accelerates.

Lifan Clutch Driven Plate

Lifan Clutch Driven Plate

Achieve smooth shifting

In order to adapt to changing driving conditions during the driving of a car, the drive train often needs to change to different gears. To realize the gear shift of the gear transmission, it is generally to toggle a gear or other gear-in mechanism to push a gear pair of the original gear out of the transmission, and then make the gear pair of the other gear enter work. Before shifting gears, you must depress the clutch pedal to interrupt the power transmission to facilitate the disengagement of the meshing pair of the original gear. At the same time, the speed of the meshing part of the new gear meshing pair gradually tends to be synchronized, so that the impact when entering the mesh can be greatly increased. Reduced to achieve smooth shifting.

Prevent overload of the drive train

When the car is in emergency braking, if there is no clutch, the engine will sharply reduce the speed due to the rigid connection with the drive train, so all the moving parts in it will generate a large moment of inertia, causing a load exceeding its carrying capacity on the drive train. And cause damage to the machine. With the clutch, the possible relative movement between the driving part and the driven part of the clutch can be used to eliminate this danger. Therefore, we need a clutch to limit the maximum torque that the drive train can withstand and ensure safety.

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