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Do you Know How to Use the Rearview Mirror?

Sep. 09, 2020

Generally, cars have 3 rearview mirrors. Car owners drive to see them almost no less than a hundred back and forth every day. However, some related problems are often ignored by people, such as how to adjust the rearview mirror to achieve the best degree and how to deal with it. The blind spot of the mirror and the influence of the reflectivity of the mirror on various light conditions. With the help of car rearview mirrors, the driver can expand the field of view, and indirectly see the situation behind, side and below the car. It can be said that the car rearview mirror plays a vital role for the driver. What should car owners pay attention to when there are mirror problems?

Greatwall Rear View Mirror

Greatwall Rear View Mirror

(1) There are certain rules for rear-view mirror adjustment, not based on feeling

Everyone has different driving habits, and they usually adjust their rearview mirrors based on their feelings. In fact, the adjustment of the rearview mirror still has certain rules. The following issues need to be paid attention to during adjustment:

①To adjust the 3 rearview mirrors, first adjust the sitting posture, and then adjust the mirror surface.

②For the interior rearview mirror, adjust the left and right positions so that the left edge of the mirror is just cut to the right ear of the image in the mirror. This means that under normal driving conditions, you cannot see yourself in the rearview mirror of the car, while in the upper and lower positions, you can place the distant horizon in the center of the mirror.

③For the left side rearview mirror, the upper and lower positions are to place the distant horizon in the center, and the left and right positions are adjusted to 1/4 of the mirror surface area of the body.

④For the right side mirror, because the driver's seat is located on the left side, it is not so easy for the driver to grasp the right side of the vehicle. In addition, sometimes the need for parking on the roadside is to adjust the upper and lower positions of the right side mirror. The ground surface area should be larger, accounting for about 2/3 of the mirror surface. The left and right positions can also be adjusted to the 1/4 area of the body.

(2) The scope of the rearview mirror is limited, so be careful about blind spots

Many people think that to eliminate blind spots or blind spots, the left and right rearview mirrors should be adjusted outward or downward as far as possible. This may be counterproductive, because blind spots cannot be eliminated, and doing so may also relax your observation of blind spots. A normal driver can see a range of about 200° to the left and right in front of him when he only rolls his eyes without turning his head back. In other words, there is about 160° that is invisible. It takes three small mirrors to cover the remaining 160°, which is too "difficult for strong mirrors".

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