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Do you Know About Car Suspension Systems?

Apr. 08, 2021

As a Zotye Control Arm Suspension Manufacturer, share with you.

As the guiding and force transmission element of the automobile suspension system, the control arm transmits various forces acting on the wheels to the car body while ensuring that the wheels move according to a certain trajectory. The control arm elastically connects the wheel and the vehicle body through a ball hinge or a bushing respectively. The control arm should have sufficient rigidity, strength and service life.

Zotye Control Arm Suspension

Zotye Control Arm Suspension

Suspension system refers to the entire support system composed of springs and shock absorbers between the body and the tires. The function of the suspension system is to support the body and improve the ride feeling. Different suspension settings will make the driver have a different driving experience.

The seemingly simple suspension system integrates multiple forces and determines the stability, comfort and safety of the car. It is one of the most critical components of modern cars.

Extended information:

When the car is driving, every time it vibrates up and down, the suspension system will make a "chucking" noise. When the noise increases when the road is uneven, it means that the suspension system has malfunctioned. It may be the shock absorber damage or the shock absorber rubber sleeve.

Braking system Brake oil cannot be mixed. Most cars on the market are equipped with two sets of braking systems: foot-controlled service brake (brake) and hand-controlled parking brake (handbrake). If the rubber sleeve is severely damaged, it must be repaired and replaced together with the shock absorber.

The shock absorber of the suspension system should heat up when it is working. The suspension system not only affects the car's ride comfort (ride), but also affects other properties such as passability, stability and adhesion. It turns out that the suspension system includes shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bars, connecting rods and other parts. When turning, especially when turning sharply, the body rolls too much, indicating that the shock absorber, stabilizer bar, or guide mechanism components are damaged.

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