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What Is the Difference between Camshaft And Crankshaft?

Nov. 01, 2021

Now more and more people are finding Sunray Crankshaft, but do you know what crankshaft is. Before you know the crankshaft, you should know the camshaft first.

Camshafts and crankshafts perform different functions but must work together in a well-choreographed order for your engine to run smoothly. Camshafts use egg-shaped "cams" to open and close engine valves (one camper valve), while crankshafts convert the "crank" (the up-and-down motion of the piston) into a rotary motion.

Sunray Crankshaft

Sunray Crankshaft

What is a camshaft?

The camshaft is located at the "top" of the engine and is a key part of the valve train that allows air and fuel to enter the combustion chamber and to exhaust the exhaust gases after combustion. Modern internal combustion engines can have up to four camshafts - or twin cams - with four valves per cylinder, compared to single-cam setups with only one valve each.

How do the camshafts work?

Driven by the crankshaft, the camshaft transmits the movement of the cams through the various parts of the valve train (valve lifters, pushrods, valve springs, valves, and tappets or rocker arms) to open and close the engine valves. The cam lobes come in different shapes and sizes to control the degree and timing of valve opening. A four-camshaft configuration allows for increased power. With more valves, more intake and exhaust can move more easily because there is more room for them to flow through.

What is a crankshaft?

The crankshaft is the engine component that converts the vertical motion of the pistons into the rotational motion needed to move the vehicle. The energy from the rotating crankshaft passes through the flywheel and drivetrain, then through the driveshaft (on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle) or driveshaft (on a front-wheel-drive vehicle) and to the drive wheels, moving the car.

Sunray Crankshaft

Sunray Crankshaft

How does a crankshaft work?

The crankshaft is a heavy-duty kit, usually made of steel or iron, that sits at the bottom of the engine. It is connected to the piston base by connecting rods that are attached to a crankpin that is offset from the centerline of the crankshaft in a zigzag pattern. This setup allows the vertical motion of the piston to rotate the crankshaft and create rotational energy.

While the crankshaft is responsible for creating this rotational energy, it also performs other tasks. At one end of the crankshaft opposite the flywheel is a pulley to which a drive belt is attached. This drive belt takes energy from the motion of the crankshaft and powers various components located at the front of the engine, including items such as the alternator (which provides electricity when the vehicle is moving), the air conditioning compressor, and the power steering pump.

The motion of the crankshaft is also directly related to the fuel and air input to the cylinders through the timing belt's connection to the camshaft. The synchronization of crankshaft and camshaft motion is critical to engine performance.

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