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How to Deal with the Problem that The Engine Does Not Start?

Aug. 08, 2019

Every morning, when you are sitting in the car and preparing to leave, you find that the engine can't start, which is very annoying. However, sometimes the engine can't start, but it is caused by some small problems. If you understand these reasons, you can solve the problem as soon as possible. As a CHEVROLET Timing Belt Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations:

First of all, check whether the distributor, spark plug, high-voltage line, etc. are affected by the rain, etc. If this is the case, the wetted parts can be dried and then started.

Secondly, check if the spark plug is damaged. If it is damaged, just replace it with a new one.

Chang an Auto Parts

Chang an Auto Parts

Third, check if the battery voltage is sufficient. Sometimes, parking forgets to turn off the lights. If the time is long, the power may be exhausted. If this is the case, put the car in the second gear, the foot is clutched, and the car is dragged. When driving to a certain speed, release the clutch and turn the ignition switch, the car can start naturally. If there is a problem with the battery, this method cannot It works.

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