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Do you Know the Rearview Mirror?

Jul. 15, 2020

As a CHEVROLET Timing Belt Manufacturer, share with you. The rearview mirror is a tool for the driver to directly obtain external information such as the rear, side, and bottom of the car while sitting on the seat of the cab. In order to facilitate the driver's operation, prevent the occurrence of driving safety accidents, and ensure personal safety, all countries stipulate that rearview mirrors must be installed on the car, and all rearview mirrors must be able to adjust the direction.

Chevrolet Right Wing Mirror

Chevrolet Right Wing Mirror

Structural principle

The rearview mirror has a problem with the horizon, that is, the range that the mirror surface can reflect. There are three elements of vision in the industry, namely the distance between the driver's eyes and the rearview mirror; the size of the rearview mirror and the radius of curvature of the rearview mirror. There is a certain relationship between these three elements. When the distance and size of the rearview mirror are the same, the smaller the radius of curvature of the mirror surface, the larger the horizon reflected by the mirror surface. When the radius of curvature of the mirror surface is the same, the larger the size of the mirror surface, the larger the horizon reflected by the mirror surface.

At the same time, the rearview mirror also has an index of reflectivity. The greater the reflectivity, the clearer the image reflected by the mirror. The size of the reflectivity is related to the material of the reflective film on the inner surface of the mirror.

As the speed of general cars increases, wind resistance and noise are important issues for designers to consider, so the exterior mirror outline should conform to aerodynamics, and use smooth lines to minimize wind resistance and wind noise.

Rearview mirror design and installation

When designing the rearview mirror, the main design points are: the field of view (indirect field of view) that the rearview mirror can obtain, the distortion of the image, the sharpness of the image, the size of the image, the position of the image in the rearview mirror, etc., which is easy to carry out The adjustment corresponding to the change of the driver's viewpoint. The rear-view mirror should be installed at a position where the vibration of the vehicle body is the lowest. When designing rearview mirrors, the following issues must be studied: (1) shapes and structures that protect pedestrians and occupants from harm; (2) conform to the vehicle's styling concept; (3) shapes that reduce air resistance; (4) Performance adaptable to various climatic conditions in the world; (5) Select structures and materials suitable for mass production.

The field of view of the rearview mirror is determined by the following factors: (1) the distance between the eye and the rearview mirror; (2) the effective area of the rearview mirror; (3) the radius of curvature of the rearview mirror; (4) the relative rearview mirror The angle of inclination to the line of sight; (5) The distance between the rearview mirror and the ground.

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